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Cold Fusion Funds and New Energy Investments

The new e-catalyze device invented by Mr Andrea Rossi of Italy is causing people to become very interested in investing in cold fusion energy. The device has been tested very thoroughly, but there are many scientists who remain skeptical. Cold fusion energy itself has gone down a very rocky path. By late 1980s, cold fusion became known as a pathological science. This may be because many experiments were inconsistent at best.
The new e-catalyze device, also known as the e-cat, is designed to help put nickel hydrogen fusion energy into one chamber and store the energy caused by the reaction in another chamber. This energy is then released in the form of electricity. Instead of this process being called cold fusion, it has been referred to as LENR. This is being done to create a distance between Andrea Rossi and cold fusion, perhaps due to failed cold fusion experiments over the years.
The E-cat has been successful every time it has been shown. It produced energy and cooper from a reaction with nickel and hydrogen. Rossi has been unable to identify whether the reaction is chemical or nuclear. Many scientists are also having a problem determining whether it is chemical or nuclear. A Swedish scientific organization has decided that the reaction is not chemical, but so far it has not been agreed upon worldwide.
Rossi has decided to go ahead with the production of his device, despite the questions and criticism it has been under. There are two green companies that have agreed to assist in the production of his new device. There are around 100 e-cat devices in homes around the world now. Rossi thinks that if they test well in these homes, e-cats may become household items worldwide. It is because of this that many people want to invest in it. Rossi and many people are very optimistic about how well the device will do in homes.
As for now, Andrea Rossi is not allowing people to invest in the business by buying shares. Some people think he just want to make sure and prove that the device will work first. People who want to invest will have to wait until Rossi decides it is okay.
There is another company that is being formed to compete with Rossi.
Piantelli has created a device that is somewhat related to cold fusion and has also seen great results. There is still much that is not known about this. What is known is that he is forming a company that is studying an alternative form of energy. He is also supposed to be allowing investors immediately.
Because Rossi's E-cat uses nickel to run, people think that will cause nickel to become valuable. So, people are also looking to invest in nickel now. Therefore, investing in nickel is also a way to invest in cold fusion energy. Cold fusion energy is being hailed by some as the greatest investment opportunity of the 21st century.
Unfortunately for Rossi, there are still scientists who say that cold-fusion is impossible. They claim that it defies the laws of physics. Andre Rossi disagrees with this and is setting out to prove the people who say it is impossible wrong. The US Navy has long been interested in cold fusion energy. It is rumored that the US Navy has been trying the e-cat out themselves. The US Navy would have a lot to gain if Rossi's cold-fusion machine works.
Rossi claims that his company, Leonardo Inc, will produce the e-cat machines at The University of Bologna in Italy. Rossi does not care about all of skeptics of his machine and thinks that he only needs to prove himself to the customers. Rossi also claims that the e-cat will also start to be produced in the US. This is all if the necessary patents are received.
The e-cat could be a way for the world to overcome many of the economic problems we are having. Energy prices are at all time highs and are showing no signs of going down. Rossi has said that he could cut energy prices to 10% with his converter. If this is true, the economic impacts could be beyond huge. It would produce cost savings to everyone in every area. This could not only produce significant changes to the economy but to the scientific world as well. If it works, it will open the door to many new inventions. It is very exciting to think of the implications this machine could have on our society!

Cold Fusion Fund Investment

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